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Contact Maria Acosta  Maria Acosta Kindergarten EA
Contact Maria Rivera Alvarez  Maria Rivera Alvarez Teacher
Contact Charla Alvillar  Charla Alvillar Kindergarten EA
Contact Gabriela Anaya  Gabriela Anaya Teacher
Contact Katrina Chavez  Katrina Chavez Kindergarten ESL Teacher
Contact Briana Duran  Briana Duran Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Edi Flores  Edi Flores Kindergarten EA
Contact Maria Hernandez  Maria Hernandez Kindergarten EA
Contact Alexa Padilla  Alexa Padilla Staff
Contact Dulce Romero  Dulce Romero Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Sabrina Valdez  Sabrina Valdez Kindergarten ESL Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Jessica Flores  Jessica Flores 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Danielle Goins  Danielle Goins Staff
Contact Ashley Pena  Ashley Pena 1st Grade ESL Teacher
Contact Danielle Perea  Danielle Perea Staff
Contact Eleni Prince  Eleni Prince Special Education ESL Teacher
Contact Allison Roybal  Allison Roybal 1st Grade ESL Teacher
Contact Amanda Sweeten  Amanda Sweeten 1st Grade ESL Teacher
Contact Kimberly Ward  Kimberly Ward 1st Grade Dual Language Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Laura Flores  Laura Flores Teacher of the Gifted
Contact Miriam Garcia  Miriam Garcia Staff
Contact Karen Lenhart  Karen Lenhart Teacher
Contact Abby Norris  Abby Norris Staff
Contact Rachel Perez  Rachel Perez Special Education Teacher
Contact Leslie Robert  Leslie Robert Teacher
Contact Christine Rodriguez  Christine Rodriguez 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Brianna Sanchez  Brianna Sanchez Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Maria Baldwin  Maria Baldwin 3rd Grade ESL Teacher
Contact Sara Jaramillo  Sara Jaramillo 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Diona Jensen  Diona Jensen Staff
Contact Phillip King  Phillip King 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Johnny Martinez  Johnny Martinez 3rd Grade Dual Language Teacher
Contact Dinora Olivarria  Dinora Olivarria Staff
Contact Stephanie Santillanes  Stephanie Santillanes 3rd Grade ESL Teacher
Contact Damion Sedillos  Damion Sedillos Staff
Contact Monique Trujillo  Monique Trujillo Special Education ESL Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Kasandra Baca  Kasandra Baca 4th Grade ESL Teacher
Contact Jennifer Cervantes  Jennifer Cervantes Staff
Contact Casey Edgerton  Casey Edgerton Teacher
Contact Donna Everett  Donna Everett Teacher
Contact Susan Foor  Susan Foor 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Fernie Gallegos  Fernie Gallegos Staff
Contact JoAnna Garcia  JoAnna Garcia 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Angela Gurule  Angela Gurule 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Megan Jaramillo  Megan Jaramillo 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Tessa Turcotte  Tessa Turcotte Special Education Teacher
Contact Alonso Villalobos  Alonso Villalobos Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Rachel Berry  Rachel Berry Teacher
Contact Robert Dimas  Robert Dimas Teacher
Contact Nocona Garland  Nocona Garland 5th Grade Teacher
Contact LeeAnn Gatti  LeeAnn Gatti 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Karen Lenhart  Karen Lenhart Teacher
Contact Tanya Reyes  Tanya Reyes Staff
Contact Bonnie Sumner  Bonnie Sumner Teacher
Contact Andrea Villano  Andrea Villano Special Education ESL Teacher
Specials Teachers
Contact Sarah Carlsen  Sarah Carlsen Title I ESL Teacher
Contact Daniel Gurule  Daniel Gurule PE Teacher
Contact Daniel Montano  Daniel Montano PE Teacher
Contact Antonio Romero  Antonio Romero Staff
Contact Nora Rubolino  Nora Rubolino Staff
Contact Jordan Sayre  Jordan Sayre Staff
Contact Matthew Trujillo  Matthew Trujillo Teacher

2800 Vermejo Park Dr. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87121 Map

Phone: (505) 452-3137

Fax: (505) 873-1360

Contact Melanie Blea  Melanie Blea Principal
Contact Jasmin Maestas  Jasmin Maestas Assistant Principal
Front Office
Contact Gloria Casias  Gloria Casias Secretary
Contact Marie Madrid  Marie Madrid Staff
Intensive Global Support
Contact Jasmin Arenivas  Jasmin Arenivas Staff
Contact Elizabeth Benavidez  Elizabeth Benavidez Staff
Contact Alicia Lopez  Alicia Lopez ISP Teacher
Contact Alana Lowe  Alana Lowe Staff
Contact Amy Vargas  Amy Vargas Staff
Support Staff
Contact Jayme Abeyta  Jayme Abeyta Staff
Contact Adriana Andrade-valdovinos  Adriana Andrade-valdovinos Staff
Contact Abby Barajas  Abby Barajas Title I ESL Teacher
Contact Tyrel Chavez  Tyrel Chavez ELL Strategy Coach
Contact Edwina King  Edwina King 2nd Grade ESL Teacher
Contact Annette Meyer  Annette Meyer Instructional Coach
Contact Estevan Meyer  Estevan Meyer Technician
Contact Jennifer Ferry  Jennifer Ferry Social Worker
Contact Monique Guerrero  Monique Guerrero EA Health Assistant
Contact Daniel Le  Daniel Le Counselor
Contact Michelle Moneyham  Michelle Moneyham Nurse
Contact Olivia Romero  Olivia Romero School Counselor
Contact James Lopez  James Lopez Staff
Contact Hector Perea  Hector Perea Staff
Contact Patricia Portell  Patricia Portell Staff
Contact Rosa Hernandez  Rosa Hernandez Cafeteria Assistant
Contact Josefina Hidalgo  Josefina Hidalgo Cafeteria Assistant
Contact Rosie Vallejos  Rosie Vallejos Cafeteria Assistant